Eureka ABS Hand Dryer

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EFFICIENT -Approx 10 -15 seconds to dry hands compared to 30-40+ seconds of typical conventional hand dryers; 90+% savings compared to paper towels;

Rated power usage of 2000 watts compares to much higher for other hand dryers; Shuts off automatically when user removes hands, saving electricity.

HYGIENIC – Touch free operation reduces chance of user contamination; Dries excess water from hands quickly, rather than dropping on floor which can then lead to Health & Safety issues and requires constant cleaning.

QUALITY – Noise Absorption Module decreases noise level; Burn proof ABS plastic; Electrical and Temperature Sensors for Greater Safety.

EXTRAS -Stylish Ergonomic design.. Great way to upgrade the look of the bathroom.

Technical Specifications

Operating Voltage: 220 – 240Vac, 50Hz, 1850 WATTS

Warm Air Speed Output: 103 m/s

Noise Level: 82dba @ 1 meter

Air Output Temperature: 77°F (25°C) – Ambient Temperature 68°F (20°C)

Motor Type: 2800 rpm, Brush Type, Dual Ball Bearings Motor

Thermal Protection: Auto Resetting Thermostat turns unit off, 240V at 221°F (105°C) – Heater Element: 350W Heater Thermal Protection: Auto Resetting Thermostat turns unit off at, 149°F (65°C) Drying Time: Less than 15 seconds Circuit Operation: Infared Automatic, self adjusting Sensor Range: 100 mm Timing Protection: 60 seconds auto shut off Isolation: CLASS 11 double insulated Net Weight: 2.0 kg Unit Size: 255mm W x 525mm H x 172mm D

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High Speed Jet Of Warm Air With Low Noise Blower to Quick Dry Wet Hands

  • Free, Safe & Secure Shipping Anywhere in India
  • Durable & Sleek Hi Gloss ABS Plastic Casing
  • Automatic Cut Off after approx 5-10 seconds to save power
  •   1months replacement warranty against manufacturing defects