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Why Use an Air Curtain?

Air Curtains  are secondary doors that provide  unrestricted  access to the outside, while conserving energy and improving employee comfort .

The Air Curtain , an invisible barrier of air also acts as a protection against flying insects, drafts, dust, dirt and fumes in commercial and industrial facilities; thereby, maintaining a controlled indoor environment.

The elimination of physical doors increases the speed and efficiency  of internal traffic patterns.

Air Curtains provide year round comfort for customers and employees of stores, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and banks, theatres, laboratories, libraries, hospitals and office reception areas.

The Industrial Air Curtains used for both interior and exterior doorways of plants and warehouses provide an invisible barrier against temperature and humidity variations.

In addition , they provide complete  protection against drafts dust dirt and fumes.

  • Controls flies and other flying insects
  • Reduces requirements for chemical pesticides
  • Stops wind borne contaminants
  • Maintains consistent temperatures of walk in coolers and freezers
  • Reduces product spoilage
  • Eliminates the need for expensive grimy strip curtains which contaminate food, soil clothing and hinder productivity
  • Eliminates ineffective strip curtains which are often tied back by employees rendering them useless.
  • Minimizes labour intensive and unsanitary towel drying of trays and dishes

Operational Benefits

  • Improved customer comfort and friendlier environment
  • Allows customer entrance doors to remain open, which is conducive to attracting Business
  • Reduced utility costs for heating and cooling
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Eliminates nuisance of opening and closing doors
  • Improved safety- prevents possibility of accidents by providing unobtrusive view of the passageway
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Prevents refrigeration system overload
  • Reduces loss of cold air from coolers and freezers when doors are open
  • Reduced costs associated with product waste and spoilage
  • Eliminates need for expensive impact doors
  • Eliminates expensive strip curtain replacement due to tearing and premature Wear