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It’s our honour to announce that we are one of the leading manufacturers of air curtains.
Air curtain acts as an invisible barrier isolating adjoining areas.

How to use Air Curtains:

Install Air Curtains above the entry / exit door it will create a 4” thick air barrier which will isolate the entry or exit without hindering man or material movement. BEST curtains are designed for your specific application to stabilize environments and save energy by minimizing the heated I air conditioned air loss through open doorways and also to effectively repel flying insects, dust and pollutants.

How to Install Air Curtains:

Air Curtains to prevent

  • Dust, Cold or Hot Air loss.              Installed on outside the room.
  • Insect and hygienic condition.        Installed Inside The room.

Basic Principal of Air Curtain:

What is to be prevented? Installed on other site of the room to get the best result out of It.

Air Curtain is concept base product. If installation of the air curtain is not proper then product may fail. Please call Atlas technocrat for site visit before you order. Air Curtains are Useful at: To suit commercial facilities such as offices, supermarkets, restaurants, hospitals, drive-thru settings or industrial facilities such as warehouse, food and pharmaceuticals manufacturing plants, cold storage and transportation terminals.

Technical Specifications of Air Curtains:

BEST Air Curtains consists of…

  • Aluminium Blowers (Tested at 3000 RPM)
  • Operating at Low power FHP MOTER also available as per AUE GE.
  • Rage of velocity from 6 m/s to 25 m/s unit.
  • Manufacturers longest Air Curtain in single piece keeping in mind the aesthetic look
  • The motor designed to run for 365 days round the year
  • Blower tested at 3000 RPM and running at 1440 RPM.SS Air Curtain