Air Curtain or PVC Curtain for Cold Storage, Why ?

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Cold Storage

When opened a door separating a cold storage area from a warm room permits a substantial loss of refrigerated air. Warm air flows into the cold room through the lower part. This results in energy losses, safety hazards in the form of condensation and icing on the floor and fog in the doorway; and possibly food spoilage.

Strip doors used on coolers and freezers to reduce these effects impair visibility and are unpleasant to pass through due to condensation and frosting and accumulate dirt and possible bacterial growth.

Studies have proven that Air Curtains, when properly sized and adjusted, are up to 85% efficient in controlling the flow of air through cooler and freezer doorways. If the cold storage door is open over one hour per day the Air Curtain is a cost effective way to save refrigeration costs.
Installed on the warm side of the doorway the Air Curtain emits an air stream which reaches the floor at an angle and splits into two separate air streams. By properly adjusting the volume of the air and the angle of the nozzle, one air stream is made to balance against the other which is trying to leave the cooled room, while the other counteracts the warm air trying to enter.

The correct Air Curtain sizing and adjustments must be made for each specific application so that a narrow, high velocity, low volume stream of air is projected over the entire opening creating a sufficiently stiff curtain of air. Built-in adjustments in the Air Curtain must include fully adjustable mounting brackets, variable volume controls and individually adjustable louvers in the nozzle. The narrow nozzle limits the amount of air in the doorway area and hence the turbulence, thus increasing the efficiency of the unit.

In addition to providing a substantial energy savings and increased safety, Cold Storage Air Curtains can increase the time between defrosting almost four fold, depending on the particular freezer or cooler. Also, their ability to maintain the cold room temperature right up to the doorway improves product quality and increases the useful floor space.